Tuesday, June 5, 2012


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Lana Del Rey's sexy floral headband is the perfect accessory for Summer. The Gypsy Girls decided to make them one night, and we wanted to share. It's super easy and will have you looking hot in the heat.

What you'll need:

  • Glue gun
  • Craft wire 
  • Felt sheets
  • Sharp scissors or wire cutters
  • Fake flowers in your colors and sizes of your choice


Cut a piece of wire long enough to wrap around your head once and still have wire left over on both sides. Put the wire around your crown and twist the leftover wire around each side so you have a circular crown. Make sure it's not too big or too snug on your head. (You can also use a wide headband).

Grab your flowers. Most have a small plastic "cap" underneath the flower itself that you can pull off of the wire.

Start cutting your felt in a series of circles. We used black felt, but feel free to use whatever color you want, as it won't show in the final product. Make the circles smaller than the blossom of the flowers, but big enough to cover the plastic area beneath the flowers. You may have to cut them to slightly different sizes to work for the smaller or larger flowers of your crown, but they don't have to be perfect circles, so don't worry.

Get the first flower you'd like to glue and, using your glue gun, put a layer beneath the flower (around the area of plastic where you pulled it off the stem). Quickly put one of your felt circles over the glue and let it dry.

Do this for all the flowers you want to use. Place them around the ring of your wire crown, gluing felt underneath all the blossoms you'd like to use. You can either use enough flowers to cover the entire ring of wire, or just half. Just remember that any part you don't glue flowers to will be plain wire. 

Now that you're done gluing the felt to the bottom, cut more felt circles, as you'll need them for the next step.

You're now ready for the next stage. Hold your first flower against the outside of the wire crown. If you are planning on gluing flowers to only part of your crown, start with the spot where you wrapped the wire to close the crown (so that area will be hidden). Still holding the flower to the outside of the crown, use your hot glue gun and apply to the entirety of the felt that is glued underneath the flower. Don't worry if you get any on the wire, in fact, go for it. Now quickly place one of your newly cut circles of felt over the wire and the first circle. This may sound confusing, so to simplify:

You end up with your flower, the circle of felt glued beneath it, the wire, and another circle of felt glued over these, so that the wire is sandwiched between the two circles of felt.

Now that you've got the hang of how this is done, you can focus on the aesthetics. Take the flowers you haven't attached yet and place them around the ring in your color and size sequence of choice. Using the same method, begin gluing the remainder of your flowers to the crown, each with two felt circles sandwiching the wire. Glue the flowers close together so there are no gaps that your wire or felt can peek through.

If you are using a headband, cover the bottom of the first felt circle that's attached to your flower with glue, and simply stick these to your headband strategically.

Once you have finished gluing the large flowers to your wire crown, feel free to add some small flowers in between any tiny gaps or spaces that seem uneven. Do this by placing a bit of glue on part of the felt of a larger flower, and placing the smaller flower's small stem in the glue. Keep doing this until you are pleased with your crown. 

Give your royal wreath an extra few minutes to dry, and get rid of any strings of dried glue. Place atop your Goddess head and wear it all Summer long. 

And email pictures of you in your gorgeous new creation to be featured on our blog!

xx Team GGV


  1. wow, it's so beautiful, definitely have to try this out^^


  2. Please do, and send us pictures for you and your blog to be featured on our blog!

  3. awesome idea :)


  4. Thank you!! We'd love you to send us a picture when you do!

  5. OMG, amazing idea! i'll try this but with little flowers on it :) let's see if i can find them...