Friday, July 22, 2011

So, What is a Gypsy Gamine Girl?

What would she look like? Act like? Where would she be from?
 A Gypsy Gamine Girl is an elusive mix of things. She is strong and fiery,

she is eccentric. She breaks the mold. Exterior to any box, her talents are more than she could ever see,

 she is graceful and elegant, lighting up every room with her presence,

she doesn't follow trends, she makes them, because she's an it girl. That enigmatic trait that makes us drawn to her.

She is also grounded and relaxed. She creates her own entertainment, and isn't above just being one of the guys.

She has a discerning eye, and a taste level above the rest. She doesn't just have style. She is ICONIC.

She goes to festivals, shows, art exhibits. She is worldly yet never jaded. And she loves with wild abandon.

And she lives in her head in a caravan on the sea.

So what is a Gypsy Gamine Girl? She's anyone with drive. With guts. With style, and wits, and fire. I know I'm a Gypsy Gamine Girl,
are you?

xo. Lauren 

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