Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I have been seeing so many vintage inspired pieces on the runway for 2011. From boho chic to 40s tailored, I'm loving these looks on the runway. Here are some of my favorites:

Carlos Miele Fall collection. The draping in his garments is so gorgeous.

Angelo Marani. I love this gothic gypsy look.

Sonia Rykiel. Such adorable, flirty 40s style.

 Alexander McQueen. He can do no wrong.

And Marc Jacobs for Fall 2011. I love this so much, yet it makes me think of 101 Dalmatians, Cruella Deville, and dog fur collars, which makes me want to cry. Regardless, vintage inspired pieces have a huge market in the fashion world these days, and the only thing better than vintage inspired pieces is vintage itself!

Check up on our shop for new items! (I should be posting them here shortly, as well as posting an outfit of the day).

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  1. hello!
    i wanted to thank you for your lovely comment! sorry it took so long to get back to you. It really made my day:) i checked out your stuff, definitely note worthy! i will keep checking in to see if there is anything i absolutely can't pass up.

    Your stuff is quite impressive, i love your header and you have great images!

    I am so glad you posted about designers being influenced by vintage. I can talk fashion all day, but it's something that I always bring up in fashion conversations. Some of my favorite vintage pieces are now being remade by designers and i am so mad that i can't afford it. anyway, thanks for following!

  2. also, i added you to my circle on etsy:http://www.etsy.com/shop/isismess

  3. Oh I'm in love with Sonia Rykiel collection! great post :)also I love the design influence by vintage. Adding vintage piece into an outfit always make a look interesting and fun. Thanks for your comments on my blog, i really appreciate it. Hope you come and check out my new post sometimes :)

  4. Thank you ladies! You both have amazing amazing blogs :)