Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So I decided to start, or at least try to start, posting looks of the day. Most of these are just finds from my own closet I happened to throw on for the day.

Vintage Saks Fifth Ave blouse
Vintage 20's beaded hood
Drug store sunglasses
Thrifted belt
Granny knee-highs
Vintage oxford boots

Today the weather is floral with a touch of blue. Probably a bit of a bizarre outfit considering how bloody humid it's been, and it looks a bit like I'm a homeless person (not in a chic way), but oh well, it is what I've been wearing today. And despite my monstrously bumpy little knees, and the whole homlessness, I actually like it. Forrest and I have been working a lot of music and other projects, and I've started practicing the cello he gave me for my birthday, so I've been a bit negligent of the shoppe. Still, things have been selling like mad. And I swear new items will be up soon, even if by the time I get around to it all the items currently up are gone. Hopefully soon my avoidance of work will bear some new folksy cello songs.

xo. Lauren

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