Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I hope that all of you had an incredible holiday spending time with the people you love.
We just got ourselves a vintage style 35mm video camera, so stay tuned for some awesome GGV promo videos soon!

We'll be combining efforts with (an amazing company you don't want to miss out on) for their Weekly Wild in a few months, which we're all really excited about.

All of us at GGV are super stoked to do our post-holiday sale so you can get any late christmas presents, New Years dresses, presents for next year or presents to spoil yourself. But keep it quiet, you don't want everyone to know the deals we have in store!

We're about to launch our products on a rightly named site called, and will be relaunching our Ebay store soon as well.

So put your New Year's resolution to shop less off to the side for the moment, and go wild.

xo. Team GGV

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