Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I am so sorry for the unbelievably long gap in postings, but GGV has just returned from a incredible European adventure! While on Holiday we got to shop for vintage in Belgium, experience the nightlife of London, and stay in a 600 year old home with no electricity in the South of France.

While gearing up for our new collection of vintage treasures for next season at, I wanted to give you all a brief glimpse into our travels on the road...


1. Plane ride to Belgium 2. The water canals of Bruges 3. A beautiful park down the street from our Tervuren home  4. A friend met on the road 5. Incredible college street band 6. Beautiful architecture in Leuven 7. Vintage shopping Brussels flea market 8. Museum by our Belgian home 9. New Belgian and German friends 10. Doggy basket 11. The Atomium in Brussels 12. Brother and sister violin duo 13. Another pony friend! 14. Most delicious cake 15. Train ride 16. Forgotten ferris wheel 
17. Twinsies! 18. The English countryside 19. East Grinstead country home 
20. Street market in the South of France 21. Our French waterfall 
22. Happy swimmers 23. 7 is my favorite number 24. Mountains
 25. Family breakfast 26. Me and my love 27. French farmer 
28. Fresh herbs at the marketplace 29. So much horse love 
30. Painting with light 31. Family dinners 32. Cooking cuties 
33. Fremch coast for my birthday 34. Mountain homes 
35. Charlie's French Angels 36. The Belgians/Germans/French/Swiss/American crew
37. Birthday looks 38. French coastline 39. Boating 
40. Brussels airport and sad goodbyes 
41. French love is the best love

Thank you to Duncan Dimanche for adding his fantastic photos to the collection!

xo. Lo


  1. where were you in the south of france? it's so pretty!!!

  2. Aww such a lovely post (: x

  3. Amazing photos ! *_* Great post ;* Follow u on bloglovin . Can u follow me on GFC ? Plsxxxx