Saturday, July 21, 2012


One of our style Icons at Gypsy Gamine is Kate Moss circa the 90's. That waif frame, the heroin chic, "I don't give a fuck" thrown together look. We love her slinky dresses, oversized boyfriend button ups, lack of makeup, and those bored bedroom eyes.

Here are some photos of our "It Girl" for this week's Chic:

Now, granted, I'm no waif. My version of Grunge Goddess is a bit more Marilyn than Audrey.
But there's something about the 90's look. It's so...iconic. And underrated. 

So, to start off, You need a face free of most makeup. Use a bit of foundation, something light like M.A.C. Face and Body Foundation.

Then add some Guerlain Bronzing Powder to accentuate the hollows in those heroin-chic cheeks of yours. Apply some to your lids as well:

I absolutely adore Maybelline Volume Express Falsies mascara, even though it's a drugstore brand, just don't apply too much, as we're going for that natural look.

A naked lip, or add some Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain in Twilight:

Finish the look off with a tiny bit smudged below and above the eye (remember, keep it natural) of Urban Decay 24/7 Double-Sided Eye Pencil in Whiskey:

Then, straighter your hair and part slightly off to the side or push back. Here's a picture of me after my grunge makeunder:

Add a slinky 90's mini, like this one from Gypsy Gamine Vintage, online now at

Pair this with one of your boyfriend's (or any boy's) oversized button-up, some Jeffrey Campbell platforms and an Urban Outfitters choker chain necklace, and suddenly become the image of 90's perfection. 

Now, walk around looking slightly bored and very beautiful, and let the looks of envy and lust roll in. 

xx Lo

To get the dress, shop:

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