Sunday, July 15, 2012


Wondering what the perfect gift is for GGV's first birthday?
Well, we do things a little differently around here.
So instead of what you can get for us, it's all about what we can give to you.

So it's finally come. We started walking, talking, and doing all things vintage.
We want to thank you for your purchases, your submissions, and most of all your excellent sense of style.

And this birthday, just for you, we're having yet another sale.

From July 16th - July 23rd,
indulge in 30% off on all items for our birthday week.
Just type in: happybirthday
(with no space) at checkout to start our week of giving.

Wondering what the icing is on top of our delightful cake?
Send in pictures of yourself in our sweet threads and we'll send you another code for another 10% off, now through the 30th.

So get this, you send us a pic in your favorite GGV clothing to feature on our blog between now and July 23rd, and get a total of 40% off.

I think you may want to be at our birthday party every year!


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xo. GGV

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